Ideas for Taking A Vacation Before Giving Birth

Published: 04th August 2010
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In light of the birth of a baby boy on Nov. 29, while on a flight from New York to Orlando, a travel agency has issued holiday travel tips for pregnant women.

The holidays are closing in fast which is why many residents have mixed emotions on whether their travel plans should be changed or not. Consulting a healthcare provider regarding travel plans is never a bad thing especially for someone who is pregnant. Several precautionary travel measures worth taking are mentioned below so do take a look.

Between four and six months of pregnancy is perfect for expectant moms to entertain travel plans since they experience the least discomfort around this time. There is increased vitality plus no more morning sickness in these months. Difficulties involving pregnancy are also rarely encountered at this time. Pregnant women who wish to avoid miscarrying or prefer to give birth with their healthcare provider around may want to call off a planned trip during the first or third trimester.

All trip plans should be placed on the back burner if a woman is carrying twins or has a history of giving birth too early or previous miscarriages. High blood pressure and vaginal spotting could happen while vacationing abroad so it is probably best to be homebound while pregnant. If planning on staying away from home for a while pregnant women need to inquire with their healthcare providers regarding medical people they can refer that are situated in the area they will visit.

Traveling by plane is fairly safe for most expectant moms and their unborn children. But prior to the beginning of the last pregnancy month the pregnant woman should be done with all travel activities. A 35 week cutoff is imposed by most foreign airlines while women into their 36th or 37th week of pregnancy are prohibited from riding domestic airlines to minimize the chances of giving birth en route.

Large jet planes cruise at lofty peaks maintaining a 5000 t0 8000 feet above sea level cabin pressure equivalence. The moderate reduction in blood oxygen experienced because of the air pressure decrease is usually tolerable for most pregnant women who are physically fit. Expectant women suffering from slight anemia meanwhile may temporarily wind up with compromised coordination skills and a drowsy feeling.

Some pregnant women who are not anemic could also wind up experiencing heart rate and breathing pattern changes. Decreased cabin pressure can prove dangerous for pregnant women with sickle cell anemia or are severely anemic. Should traveling be unavoidable for her then extra oxygen must be on standby.

A pregnant woman can take several precautions to help make her as comfortable as possible during air travel. Moving around while seated comfortably helps keep swollen legs and blood clots from happening. Ask for aisle seats then spend a few minutes walking about in the cabin whenever airline people specify you can do it safely.

Some foods are tough to digest so avoid eating them so near a flight schedule. Pregnancy makes gas expansion in the intestines while on a flight particularly tough to tolerate. Expectant moms can avoid becoming dehydrated as a result of the low aircraft humidity by loading up on fluids like fruit juice and water. Consult with a doctor regarding how safe vaccinations are when it comes to having them for travels outside the country.

A pregnant woman can also take a car and be just as comfortable. There is however the swollen ankles and feet along with backaches to worry about if driving for long stretches of time. Stopping every two or more hours to walk a bit will be good. It is crucial to safety that a pregnant woman remain buckled up.

The leading cause of mortality among pregnant women is the car accident with only a few stemming from a pregnancy complication. The ideal position for the shoulder harness is just a little over the uterus of the mom and the lap belt as low on her hips as possible. Follow the safety tips previously mentioned to keep pregnancy holiday travel snags to a minimum.

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